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Present your restaurant customers with a visual fries masterpiece

Posted on 08/10/2015

The fries experience you deliver as a restaurant chef doesn’t begin with the first bite; it starts with the first glance. The way you present your fries is just as important as the way it is prepared. Serve your customers a memorable meal with fries they will never forget; present your customers a visual fries masterpiece with these plating tips:

Choose your plate wisely

The fries are your art, the plate is the canvas. Make sure the plate is big enough to present the food properly. Big enough to let each food item stand out, but small enough that the portions don't look tiny. Choose the plate wisely, keeping in mind the color, shape, size and pattern of the plate. Choose the right size that allows for ample portions of food with room for condiments like ketchup and/or mayonnaise. 

Use an unexpected vessel to present the fries

Surprise your customers by presenting the fries in a different way than expected. Rather than putting the whole dish on one plate, use an unexpected vessel. For example, choose a glass or basket to serve the fries. What to think of our Aviko Super Longs, served in a glass? Or our Pommes Frites, served as a cupcake.

Break up the monotony of the presentation by filling a small bowl with the sauce, like mayonnaise or ketchup, or another side dish like the salad.

Vary with fries!

Aviko offers a fantastic range of potato fries. The possibilities of adding fries to your menu are endless. Fries can be served with a lot of different meat and vegetables. We like to inspire you as a chef with our creative fries ideas, for example our sushi fries, created with our steakhouse fries.  And what to think of our 'Fries a la Bolognese', a variation on the traditional spaghetti Bolognese. When using fries, almost every combination is possible.

Some of the very best potato recipes have been created by our talented team. Take a look at our potato recipe ideas to suit your menu, and try these out on your customers. To make sure the fries are prepared in the best way, take a look at our ten golden rules for frying.

The right garnish for your dish

Add a finishing touch to the presentation of the fries, with the right garnish. The right garnish should:

  • Always be edible;
  • Have an appropriate size;
  • Match the dish.

Don't lose sight of the recipe you made in the first place. Any garnish should enhance the flavor of the main dish.

Fries from Aviko for your restaurant

As one of the leading frozen potato suppliers and chilled potato suppliers, we have an extensive range of frozen potato products to suit every market. We always develop our potato products with the restaurant chef in mind. Interested in one of our potato products mentioned in this article? Please contact us with any questions or queries you may have.